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SOWATCO Long Binh Port.

Advantages and some strengths in service:
  • SOTRANS Long Binh port has 200.000m2 with the advantage Dong Nai River port and facade Nguyen Xien street, Long Binh Ward, District 9. It is a convenient connection hub for cargoes between HCM City and Eastern area as well as Western area.
  • With the warehouse and container yard system has convenient location; it is located on Dong Nai River in District 9, it is very suitable for transport connecting, loading and unloading, and logistics activities.
  • In the following time, according to the municipal policy, ICD in Truong Tho area will be relocated, SOWATCO Long Binh port will have many advantages in exploiting and transshipping cargo, especially containers with Port – Warehouse – Yard – Depot system and selfpropeller barge team at the key economic area of Southern.
  • Strong capacity with 02 cranes 45 tons and container stackers.


1 Lenght m 44 88 70
2 Width m 10 10 32
3 Width of linking bridge m Wharf Wharf Wharf
4 Low tide draf m 3 3 7
5 Ship acceptance capacity DWT 600 600 5.000
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Southern Waterborne Transport Corporation (SOWATCO)

Address: 298 Huynh Tan Phat St., Tan Thuan Tay Ward, Dist. 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

Tel: (84.28) 3872 9748
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