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Waterborne transport

SOWATCO is a leader in waterborne transport in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta provinces for container and bulk shipping.

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Port operation

SOWATCO is the big shareholder of VICT port and takes a major part in port exploitation in the area. SOWATCO’s Long Binh port covers an area of 20 hectares in the eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City.

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Mechanic - shipbuilding

SOWATCO is capable of building and repairing coastal river boats, 5.000 ton self propelled barges, 250 teus container barges, 4.000 CV tugboat, 2.000m3 oil ship, 6.000 ton deck barges, buoy vessel…

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With over 40 years of experience, SOWATCO has successfully operated and developed in many sectors such as inland transportation, seaport exploitation, cargo handling, shipbuilding engineering…


SOWATCO affirms its position
and prestige in the logistics marketWaterborne transport, Tugboats, Port operation, Loading and unloading of goods, Warehouse,
Mechanic - shipbuilding, Ship repair, Design consultancy, Construction works.



  • Fast 500 Vietnam 2019.
  • Second Independence Medal 2010.
  • Independence Medal Third Prize 2003.
  • First Class Labor Medal in 1996.
  • Second Class Labor Medal 1991.
  • “Vietnam Gold Star Award” in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2013.
swc_hinh 1_cang vict
Vietnam International Container Terminals (VICT).
Port Operation
SOWATCO Long Binh port.
Port Operation
swc_hinh 3_doi tau lai dat
SOWATCO Tugboat team
Port Operation
Waterborne transport.
Waterborne transport
SOWATCO Shipyard.
Mechanic – shipbuilding
swc_hinh 5_phao duong thuy
SOWATCO anchorage system.
Port Operation

More than 40 years of experience
in the waterborne transport and port operations

25,400 tons
of shipping load.
300 professional
20 ships
from 90 - 250 teus.
200.000 square
meters port


Typical customers

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