CMA CGM Group Delegation Led by Mr. Farid Salem visits Vietnam International Container Terminals

The discussion highlights how parenting and synergistic strategy can be driven and strengthened among the shareholders.

From left: Mr. Bong Yak Wui (Board Secretary), Mr Glenn Kong (GD, VICT), Mr. Le Ba Tho (FLDC Vice-Chairman cum GD of SOWATCO),
Mr. Farid Salem (FLDC Chairman cum Executive Officer of CMA-CGM Group), Mr. Dang Vu Thanh (Board Member cum GD of SOTRANS),
Mr. Michael Noel (Board Member cum CEO of CMA CGM-PSA Lion Terminal), Mr. Julien Lecuyer (CFO, CMA-CGM Vietnam),
Mr. Phan Trong Lam (DGD, VICT).

A delegation from CMA-CGM Group, led by Mr. Farid Salem, CMA CGM Group Executive Officer cum Chairman of First Logistics Development (JV) Company (FLDC), visited Vietnam International Container Terminals (VICT) and met with its shareholder and management team on 22 March.

The delegation was warmly received by Mr. Le Ba Tho, Vice Chairman of FLDC cum General Director of Southern Waterborne Transport Joint Stock Corporation (SOWATCO), other members of the FLDC Board and the management team of VICT, led by Glenn Kong, General Director of VICT. Mr. Salem was accomplished by Mr. Michael Noel, CEO of CMA-CGM-PSA Lion Terminal cum FLDC board member and Mr. Julien Lecuyer, CF0 of CMA-CGM Vietnam.

Beside the introduction of Members of the Board, highlights of the discussion includes how parenting and synergistic strategy can be driven and strengthened among the shareholders. SOWATCO’s forte in operation of waterways – ICDs, Mitsui & Co. (which ones Portek)’s contribution in port-engineering solutions and CMA-CGM Group’s operations in shipping & logistics, are the synergistic contribution which VICT can benefit from.

VICT welcomes more CMA-CGM Group shipping service calling at their terminals, and linking the SOTRANS ICD, the Long Binh ICD and the upcoming Gemalink deep-sea terminals in Cai Mep Thi Vai area together with VICT through a comprehensive network of waterway transportation and cargo receiving/delivering points for international shipping services calling at VICT and Gemalink. This will offer last mile and first mile logistics coverage to better serve the shipper/consignee in a continuously growing-oriented economy.

The shareholder and the management thanks Mr. Salem for his visit and continual support. The CMA-CGM Group delegation ended the visit with a good round-trip of the container yard and the berths with some nice group photos taken to mark this special occasion.

FLDC, an international joint enterprise between MitOrient – an investment arm of CMA-CGM Group and Japan’s Mitsui and Co., together with SOWATCO, is the investor and operator of VICT. VICT builds its success through the cultural and knowledge exchange between these partners. With many global manufacturers building million dollar factories in Vietnam, with a coastline along one of the world’s busies sea cargo lanes, aims to expand its container port terminal. VICT, established in 1994 and began operation in 1998, is ready for the challenges as it is located conveniently in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and has an annual handling capacity of 80,000 TEU in vessel operations in addition to barge operations.